Self Portrait, on Laura's Grandparent's porch at their farm in Pleasanton, Kansas, 2015.

Laura Cobb (b.1989) is a photographer interested in the United States landscape. She resides in the Midwest and recieved her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute. Similar to practitioners from the 19th century, she uses large format cameras (4x5 and 8x10). Unlike her counterparts from the past, she is not in search of grand majestic views. Laura’s work considers the intricacies of nature, the effects of humans on the land, and the contradictions present within the places she walks. With this critical viewpoint she frequents traditional subjects like National parks and other designated government lands. Her current project surveys a small portion of the Indian Creek near her home in Overland Park, Kansas. She is observing the life cycle of a quarter mile of the creek, documenting the affect humanity has on it. This project and others have been exhibited regionally and nationally through various solo shows and juried exhibitions.